What we do

We help to iron out problems – mostly, before they become problems.

We talk to local authorities and the police about improvements that will help people get around the streets. These include:

  • Dropped kerbs – making it easy to cross the street
  • Textured paving – to guide people who cannot see
  • Traffic calming installations
  • The siting of controlled pedestrian crossings

We tackle problems such as:

  • Parking on the pavement
  • Misuse of disabled parking places
  • Obstacles on the footpath

We advise developers of new buildings on such things as:

  • General access
  • The layout of disabled toilets
  • The installation of lifts and automatic doors

We offer guidance on how to improve access to places such as stores, hotels, village halls and buses.

And we produce an access guide to the facilities available in buildings open to the public in and around Dereham.